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Mission E34. Aanbevolen gebruik: Luidsprekerset, Luidspreker soort: 2-weg, Audio-uitgangskanalen: 1.0 kanalen. Frequentiebereik: 48 - 30000 Hz, Impedantie: 8 Ohm, Gevoeligheid: 88 dB. Kleur van het product: Zwart


Mission’s ‘Paramid’ driver is formed using a sandwich structure. Aramid polymer fibres with incredible tensile strength are sandwiched between two stiffer pulp layers. This creates a cone which is very light and stiff, yet has superb internal damping.

The internal damping drastically reduces cone-induced distortion by absorbing the transverse waves that travel through a cone following an impulse.

Symmetrical driver array

A symmetrical configuration of drivers is used to improve dispersion and to improve imaging, Placed equidistant above and below the high-frequency driver, mid-range and bass drivers create an even horizontal dispersion and a controlled dispersion on the vertical plane.

Having the treble unit centrally placed enhances the imaging by mimicking a point-source dispersion. Interference patterns when a stereo pair of speakers are used create an almost holographic sense of presence with the listener able to discern the exact location of instruments and voices within the soundstage.

Grania cabinet construction

Grania is a multi-layer composite of MDF and particle board formulated to provide precise control of vibration. The woods have a range of densities, which are able to absorb a much wider range of resonant frequencies than would be possible using a single material construction.

Manufactured entire by Mission using thin layers of boards, each layer is coated with a radio frequency activated glue, the cabinet shapes are formed and then ‘set’ using glue activation. This produces an incredibly strong and inert structure with superb absorbtion qualities.

Magnetically shielded

All moving coil loudspeakers use some kind of magnet system to produce the movement within the voice-coil. The magnetic field, if unshielded can affect CRT televisions if placed in proximity to the field.

Mission use an inverted field shielding system and neodymium ‘rare-earth’ magnets which have a very concentrated flux density over the plane of the axis, but very little leakage towards the side of the magnet (and speaker).

All our magnetically shielded loudspeakers are ideal for use in close proximity to all television sets or wherever magnetic interference is an issue.

Gold-plated connections

Gold has both exceptional electrical conductivity, and is also relatively malleable. When used for electrical connections, it creates a larger contact area and a lower resistance – both ideal for preserving the optimum signal quality.

Bi-wire terminals

Bi-wire terminals are used to allow the bass and high frequency sections of a loudspeaker to be wired independently. Although all bi-wireable loudspeakers are supplied with ‘bridging’ clips, so that a single wire can be used if desired.

Although the maximum benefit of bi-wiring is achieved through using two sets of amplifiers with different channels driving the bass and treble frequencies, there are still significant acoustic advantages to running two sets of cable (or a specialist bi-wire cable) from a single set of amplifier outputs.

When bi-amping (using two stereo amplifiers) with bi-wire speakers, it is recommended for each amplifier to be driving a bass and treble unit of one speaker, rather than having one amplifier driving both treble units and the other both bass units.

Ferrofluid cooling

Treble voice-coils are fine wires and tend to get very hot when used for a long time, or at high volumes. This can cause distortion and compression if the excess heat cannot be removed.

Ferrofluids are used in treble drive units to sink heat between the voice-coil and the magnet assembly. They also passively damp the movement of the cone. They reside in what would normally be the air gap around the voice-coil, held in place by the speaker's magnet.


Neodymium magnets (NdFeB) are one of a class known as ‘rare-earth’ magnets. They are also sometimes known as ‘super-magnets’ because of their unbelievable strength and small size.

They are ideally suited to audiophile loudspeaker applications because of their strength, low weight, small size and their thermal stability.



Aanbevolen gebruik Speaker set unit
Speaker plaatsing Vloer
Geschikt voor buitengebruik Nee


Frequentiebereik 48 - 30000 Hz
Impedantie 8 Ohm
Gevoeligheid 88 dB

Technische details

Luidspreker soort 2-weg
Kleur van het product Zwart
Equalizer-instellingen Nee
Magnetisch afgeschermd Ja

Gewicht en omvang

Breedte 350 mm
Diepte 334 mm
Hoogte 956 mm

Andere features

Audio-uitgangskanalen 1.0 kanalen